• Flexible payment terms. A 100 percent prepayment is the best way to confirm the serious intentions of a client, but only for the first order. From the second order, we grant a payment deferment up to 30 calendar days.

  • Delivery “to the door”. We pay for the delivery of goods to all EU countries. The delivery to the regions is fast thanks to the coordinated work of the transport companies (TNT, DHL, UPS).

  • Customer support before and after. Our interaction with the customer begins before the first order. We appreciate your trust. You can always contact us for information and advice.

  • Full confidentiality. We keep all information about your production within our company. You can be sure that we respect the entrepreneurial and personal boundaries of our partners and work honestly.

  • Individual conditions for regular customers. From one-time and accumulated discounts to long payment delays (up to 60 calendar days).

  • Prices set by contract. Market conditions, currency fluctuations. All of this can affect the final cost of the equipment. However, we value the trust of our customers. Therefore, we set the purchase prices up to 6 months from the date of signing a preliminary contract. So you can plan your investment budget without force majeure and unforeseen “ifs”.

  • Complete solutions. We consider equipment as part of the company’s technological plan, taking into account the special features, production quantities and capacities. There is no point investing in the ACS without considering such important and always (!) individual context. Many devices have different functions and reviews, but for a number of reasons, they may not work for you. We will assist in drawing up the technical specifications to separate these options, saving you time and investment capital.

  • 100% original equipment. Our company cooperates with the major European brands. Working with low-quality Chinese contractors is not in our interest. Business “on analogues” is profitable, but the reputation and trust of our partners are much more valuable than money.

  • Security in everything. From design to commissioning. From the preliminary consultation to the implementation of the project. We believe that every detail is important. Therefore, not considering them would be negligence.

  • Warranty. You can use the S and S Logistic & Trade brand warranty for 12 months. Without any pitfalls, surcharges and hidden conditions.

Our goal is to perform your tasks on turnkey basis to support reorganization and offer the most competent and effective design of technological processes. We know how to automate production and introduce new equipment with minimal time and capital expenditure. So if you want to optimize the operations of your business, you can use the resources of S and Logistic & Trade.

A new level of development is a matter of technology. Contact us to use it.