The whole world is changing. The only constant is the 100% service quality.

D. Breitenbicher

Reliable partners and the people who are faithful to their work make up a successful business. We have founded “S and S Logistics & Trade” in order to put these principles into practice. In five years, our company has become one of the leading suppliers of electrical appliances in Europe.
Our partners are the largest producers in the lighting and food processing industries, electricity and trading companies. We work for the result and are ready to ensure the stable development of your business by leveraging our experience, opportunities, and benefits.
The course for sustainable development of “S and S Logistics & Trade” was designed in 2014. We have successfully mastered the new market segment and adapted the supply of electrical equipment for the food industry. A number of partnership agreements have been signed with major EU brands and factories (Jumo, Anderson-Negele, B&R, Valmet, Siemens, ABB, Eaton, etc.). We have grown qualitatively and geographically.
Today “S and S Logistics & Trade” is the largest supplier of equipment for companies of:

  • Food industry (dairy, confectionery, bakery production, baby food, etc.)
  • Light industry (woodworking equipment, equipment for manufacturers of paper and paper products)
  • Energy industry

Use 8 benefits of working with Global Electro Group
Exclusive European equipment. We cooperate with European manufacturers only.
Turnkey services: from planning to commissioning. Our company provides comprehensive services for the supply of low voltage electric installations.
Complete information support. From the preliminary consultation at the approval stage to the gradual implementation of the work. We deliver technical messages; inform our customers about ordering, delivery and shipping.
Fixed prices without currency binding. We know how important a company's costing is and are ready to freeze the device prices for up to 6 months from the date of the application. Despite exchange rate fluctuations, our agreements remain effective.
12-Months Warranty. Reliability is the first principle of economic stability. We are 100% confident in the high quality of the supplied equipment and our warranty shows it.
Business delivery of electrical equipment. The delivery time “on request” is usually 2 to 6 weeks. If the items are in stock, the shipping companies (TNT, DHL, UPS) deliver within a few days.
Free shipping anywhere in the European Union. We deliver the equipment at your own expense to the door of your company. There is no extra charge for transport.
Flexibility in financial calculations. Every customer is valuable. Terms of payment for each order are individual. We offer discounts our regular customers. After the first order, payments can be delayed - up to 60 calendar days.

Behind every number, ratings and indicators are people. We understand that the profit of your company depends on the coherence of our work. Your personal reputation and the reputation of your company are at stake. We are working for the result and ready to answer for every project carried out with the support of “S and S Logistik & Trade”. And these are not mere words, but realities confirmed by years of practice and partnership agreements with major manufacturing facilities.
If you have any questions about the delivery of electrical appliances, please contact us:

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We look forward to working with you!