Balluff automation solutions and sensor technology

BALLUFF is the largest global manufacturer of measuring equipment with a long history dating back to 1921, with more than 50 years of experience and creating technology in the production of various sensors and millions of satisfied customers around the world. The company always follows the interests of its customers, focuses on the current needs of the industry and is constantly improving its product, offering more and more perfect solutions.

BALLUFF is engaged in the production of sensors for industrial measurements (microwave, ultrasonic, capacitive, magnetic field sensors, and many others) and various components of automation of production systems using high tech technology, applicable in such industries as engineering, machine tools, automotive, metallurgy and chemistry, woodworking and paper industry, transport, storage equipment, etc.

BALLUFF offers sensors with a sensitivity range of 1-10mm; with a tolerance of DC voltage from 10-30 volts; with a working climatic range from -25 ° С to + 70 ° С; PNP sensors (sourcing) sensors which activate when in contact with an object.

All sensors have a protection class of IP 67, thereby confirming their reliability and resistance to dust and moisture.

Using BALLUFF automation components in your factory, you can increase efficiency and reduce the costs of your production, thereby quickly recouping your acquisition.

BALLUFF is very client-oriented company, so you can always contact the company's centers and get all the information you need about the range, specifications and prices if you have not purchased BALLUFF products, as well as get immediate advice on the technical area, sales area and service products.

Choosing the measuring equipment and BALLUFF automation you a get not only a high quality product, but a reliable partner who is distinguished by its reliability and responsiveness.