Automation equipment Jumo

The manufacturer of electronic devices for measuring, controlling and automating of a wide variety of processes, Jumo, is popular all over the world and is renowned for its true German quality and perfectionism. This company has existed for more than 70 years. It has its own production facilities and official representative offices in our country.

Jumo products are used in various sectors of light and heavy industry, because comprehensive monitoring and automation with the help of electronic means are in-demand everywhere.

Types of devices

The range of Jumo products is very extensive, including individual units and devices, as well as ready-made automation and monitoring systems. Among them are:

  • Instruments and sensors (indicators, recorders, etc.) that analyze electrical conductivity, pressure, humidity, oxygen concentration, temperature, turbidity, pH and redox-potential, electrochemical values in a wide range of media, as well as the level of any liquid substance in various containers.
  • Relays, transducers and pressure regulators, temperature and other environmental parameters.
  • Software controllers for a variety of equipment, as well as software for them.
  • Modular monitoring and control systems for various industries.

Each product category includes a huge number of models designed to measure and adjust various parameters of the environment. Depending on the materials used, sensors and relays can be safely used both in food production and in aggressive substances such as acids.