Pepperl+Fuchs industrial automation 

Pepperl and Fuchs is a large global manufacturer of automation equipment with ofices around the world and 6,200 employees. The history of Pepperl and Fuchs began in 1945 when two enthusiasts - Walter Pepperl and Ludwig Fuchs - opened a small radio workshop in Mannheim, Germany. They were obsessed with the idea of creating a product that meets all the requirements of modern industry. Their stream of ideas was incessant. This was the starting point in the history of Pepperl and Fuchs. Since then, the company has been continuously improving and offering its customers increasingly profitable and technological offers, helping to satisfy all the individual needs of various industries.

The reliability and stability of the company is evidenced not only by numerous reviews of satisfied customers and high-quality equipment, but also by its certification in accordance with ISO Pepperl and Fuchs is a pioneer and technology leader in the field of automation, production and development of various sensors and explosion protection. The company is constantly developing new technologies and introducing them into its equipment.

Today, Pepperl and Fuchs is leader industrial sensor technology. It provides the best sensor technology at the market today. The Sensorik4.0® brand from Pepperl and Fuchs makes sensor technologies available that can transmit sensor data horizontally within production processes, vertically into higher-level information systems such as MES or ERP, and even beyond company boundaries-a fundamental requirement of Industry 4.0.

The Pepperl and Fuchs subsidiary Neoception can implement, operate, and maintain all IT services necessary for Industry 4 applications, including consulting and engineering. This suggests that the company is always focused on the future and you will never be left with outdated and not up-to-date equipment. When choosing Pepperl and Funchs, you gain the confidence that you use the most technologically advanced and newest equipment that optimizes and improves your production process at times.