PILZ industry product catalog

Pilz is a leading global company with a 65-year history, which is engaged in the development of automation technologies and the production of equipment for automation and optimization of the production process, as well as improving its safety. Pilz is characterized by its customers as a reliable export-oriented engineering company, known for its focus on safety and quality.

Pilz is constantly improving and expanding its products, which includes appropriate software, diagnostic and visualization systems. Pilz also offers comprehensive solution that include complete sets that consist of both automation solutions and security solutions for your production.

Pilz Industrial Automation Solution can be applied to a wide range of engineering industries, including product packaging and automotive, robotics, wind power and railway automation technology. Pilz automation ensures smooth operation and high quality equipment.

When developing automation technologies, Pilz pays a lot of attention to the issue of equipment safety both for production and its workers, and for the environment. Thus, using Pilz products you can be calm in relation to the safety of our planet.

Key products and solutions include controllers, relays, drive technology, devices for automatic control and monitoring, and much more.

Choosing Pilz you make a contribution not only to your production and gain a reliable partner, but also support the development of the idea of environmentally friendly production.