Vega: Measurement technology

Vega is a German leader in measuring equipment and software development with 50 years of history behind it. Its products are considered one of the most reliable and durable in the world. Vega industrial automation equipment is used in 80 countries around the world. The quality and reliability of Vega equipment is confirmed not only by thousands of satisfied customers and positive reviews, but also by all necessary international certificates. Vega always sets itself high goals and does not neglect the use of high-technology advanced measuring technologies. Vega solving measurement problems for: chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises, for the food industry, drinking water supply systems, treatment facilities, for landfills, for mining, production of electricity, oil. platforms, ships and aircraft. The Vega industrial automation assortment offers all technology tools available to help you streamline your production process and make measurements as accurate as possible:

- Level measurement: different radars, ultrasonic and capacitive level gauges.

- Level alarm: vibration, conductive, capacitive, and microwave signaling indicators.

- High-quality pressure measurements: pressure transducers, including hydrostatic and differential pressure measurement.

- Radiometry: sensors for continuous level measurement, density measurement and limit level alarm, mass flow measurement.

- Many secondary industry devices: instruments for display and adjustment, signal condition devices and many many other industry tools.

One of our great advantages is that we do not supply or transfer our products or industrial technology to other manufacturers. This allows us to achieve stability in the quality and reliability of our product. Our main goal is to make the most profitable offers and constantly improve our production.