Wenglor sensor catalog

Wenglor Sensoric GmbH is an international manufacturer of sensors for non-contact intelligent recognition and switches of various types, known for its innovation and application of innovative technologies.

Wenglor has been on the market for more than 30 years and has managed to gain more than 55,000 positive reviews and satisfied customers around the world, offering its products and technology solutions to both small and medium-sized companies and true global giants. We are trusted by companies from various industries, from the automotive, food, electrical and pharmaceutical industries to the conveyor production and the woodworking industry.

The Wenglor sensor catalog contains more than 2,000 types of devices for contactless recognition of objects, including ultrasonic sensor, magnetic sensor, Vision systems, scanners of travel-stroke and 2D / 3D code, as well as security technologies.

One of Wenglor's greatest passions is the passion to invent. Every day, Wenglor is improving and inventing something more revolutionary and effective compared to what is now on the market and in our assortment.

Of course, Wenglor's core values ​​are maintaining quality, product reliability and continuous technology improvement. But with the growth of the company, the area of ​​responsibility has expanded, and now Wenglor also takes care of environmental issues. Thanks to the use of thermal insulation and geothermal energy for buildings in the German city of Tettnang, where the company was founded, carbon dioxide emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere sharply decreased by more than 300 tons per year.

Choosing Wenglor you get a reliable partner, a guarantee of quality and reliability, as well as peace of mind in relation to the ecology of our planet.