PILZ PSSuniversal – I/O modules for controllers and I/O systems

E/A-Module für Steuerungen und E/A-Systeme
E/A modules, the flexible solution - your advantages
Features of the E/A modules at a glance
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    Combined individually

    The input and output modules can be combined individually to match your actual needs. A large selection of I/O modules is available for safety-related, non-safety-related, digital and analogue signal processing. When changes are made to the system at a later date, simply add new modules or exchange existing ones. This gives you an extremely high level of flexibility. PSSuniversal supports a unique mixture of safety and automation functions in one system.

    I/O modules: the flexible solution – Your benefits

    • Individual combination of input/output modules for the remote I/O system and the PSSuniversal control system
    • Solutions for safety-related and standard control tasks
    • The fine granularity of the system means precise adjustment to your specific requirements
    • Simple exchangeability of the modules for subsequent system adjustments
    • Identical hardware structure of the remote I/O system and control system
    • It is possible to change to a higher performance class by simply swapping the head module

    Features of I/O modules – Overview

    • For safety-related, non-safety-related, digital or analogue signal processing
    • Up to 64 modules can be installed in any order
    • Supply voltage modules for the formation of different supply groups or as a refresh module for the higher performance classes
    • Base modules as carrier units for the modules ensure simple exchange when changes are made to the system

    I/O modules – Ready for a huge range of different applications

    wide range of input and output modules for functional safety and standard control functions are available for the most diverse applications. The system's fine granularity ensures the utmost flexibility when it comes to adapting the various periphery modules.

    Temperature-resistant modules

    Harsh environments demand components that will operate reliably, even under considerable temperature variations. For these circumstances there are PSSuniversal special modules,which are identified with a T in the type description. They can be found wherever control cabinet heating would be impractical or uneconomical or in cases where the ambient temperature is high. In a temperature range of -30 °C to +60 °C, they can easily withstand moisture and condensation within the scope of pollution degree 2.

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