PILZ PDP20 – Interface modules

PDP20 - Interface Modules
Simple series connection
More security through short signal paths
Standard-compliant solution for decentralized applications
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    Interface modules for series connection up to PL e

    With the PDP20 interface modules PDP20 F 4 mag, Pilz offers solutions for decentralised field applications with protection type IP20. The interface modules are integrated into small installation boxes close to the sensors that are to be connected. Short signal paths for the sensors and a safe connection to the control cabinet can thus be guaranteed.

    Simple series connection – Benefits of interface module PDP20

    • Standard-compliant solution for series connection up to PL e
    • Series connection of contact-based sensors
    • Possibility of connection to all dual-channel evaluation devices
    • High level of decentralisation by cascading the modules
    • Diagnostic information regarding the switching status of each individual sensor
    • Simple installation by means of top-hat rail mounting
    • Compact and cost-effective solution for all series connections

    More safety through short signal paths – Features of PDP20

    • PL e of EN ISO 13849-1
    • SIL CL 3 of EN/IEC 62061
    • 8 digital inputs for connecting 4 sensors
    • Just one cable for communication and supply, plug and play via M12 plug-in connector
    • Simple diagnostics thanks to point-to-point connection

    Standard-compliant solution for decentralised applications

    The interface module PDP20 F 4 mag can be connected to . The interface modules can also be cascaded. The PDP20 can be used without restriction in all industries and application areas. The module is suitable for applications which require a series connection up to PL d or PL e. It is frequently used in e.g. safety gate applications in packaging machines.

    The interface module is also ideal for the series connection of contact-based sensors such as PSENmag up to PL e. This provides a standard-compliant solution in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1. The interface module can be connected to dual-channel evaluation devices (e.g. PNOZsigma, PNOZmulti, PSS). Up to 4 sensors can be connected to each PDP20 module.

    It is also possible to cascade the PDP20 modules. In this case, each cascaded module will provide another three sensor interfaces.

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