JUMO NESOS R02 LS (408302)

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    NESOS R02 LS – Float Switch Standard Version (408302)



    • Point level measurement via floats and reed contact
    • High switching voltage (up to 250 V AC/DC) and high switching current (up to 3 A)
    • Different electrical and process connections available
    • Compact design type available as of Ø27 mm opening in the tank (mounting from the outside)
    • Large temperature range for mediums from -52 to +240 °C
    • Guide tube lengths up to 4 m
    • High protection type up to IP68
    • Optionally available with Pt100, Pt1000, or temperature switch
    • Approvals for shipbuilding and explosion-protected areas (intrinsically safe and flameproof enclosure)
    • Up to 5 switching outputs are user-definable as normally open contact, normally closed contact, changeover contact, and bistable contact


    Customer benefits


    • Proven, maintenance-free measuring principle – the switching operation takes place without contact or auxiliary energy and is therefore wear-free
    • Customer-specific solutions possible – many materials and forms are available for the float; in-house manufacturing of the float with a high production depth
    • Flexible measurement – point level can be determined independently from the container geometry due to the measuring principle
    • Independent from media properties such as foam formation, conductivity (permittivity (ε)), pressure, vacuum, steam, and condensation
    • Constant, reliable switching point repeat accuracy over the course of the operating life
    • Quick error check when servicing
    • High degree of chemical resistance due to availability of different materials
    • Cost-effective installation and mounting
    • Maintenance-free
    • Price-performance ratio optimized through the use of standard components and processes




    • Point level measurement of liquids in storage tanks and containers
    • Water and wastewater treatment
    • Food and beverages
    • Chemical
    • Petrochemical
    • Gas and oil
    • Mechanical and plant engineering
    • Shipbuilding
    • Energy technology
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