JUMO Mechanical Floats for Float Switches

Mechanical floats for float switches
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    Mechanical Floats for Float Switches (Types 102110, 102120, 102130)



    • Mechanical spherical, cylinder, or special floats
    • Material: stainless steel 1.4571, titanium, with NiMo alloy
    • Surfaces: blank, pickled, electrolytically polished, passivated
    • Flexibility in the mounting method (e.g. mounting bracket with hole, etc.) and the magnet position
    • Applicable in almost all media
    • For pressures greater than 100 bars


    Customer benefits


    • Process reliable

    High process reliability can only be ensured with a high quality level. Other than burst pressure tests and material analyses under the scanning electron microscope each body undergoes a full leak test. For traceability reasons we produce initial sample test reports according to VDA and certificates according to DIN EN 10204.

    • Flexible, economical

    We have a flexible approach to your product needs: on top of many already-existing float variants (which provides you with a price advantage due to the tool costs that do not apply here) we gladly support you with the design engineering of application-oriented floats (FEM method).
    Another decisive advantage: you receive everything from a single source. This includes stamping, pulling of the half-shells, installing, welding, checking, refining surfaces, and/or certificate creation. We offer flexibility and cost effectiveness at the same time.

    • Versatile

    As a system partner we offer different materials and surface properties for your medium. Processes in hygienic applications can be secured with it. The mounting of the float switch to the body is possible through a wide range of possibilities such as ring, loops, threaded rod, round bar, etc.




    Supplier of the following applications:

    • Thermostat baths
    • Shipbuilding
    • Central lubrication systems
    • Gasoline stations
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Industrial machinery
    • Car wash installations
    • Coolant monitoring
    • Pet food control
    • Condensation drain
    • Motor test stand
    • Ventilation systems
    • Drainage systems
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