B&R Automation Panel 5000 swing arm multi-touch

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    Swipe, zoom, scroll

    Multi-touch systems are quickly gaining popularity in industrial environments through benefits such as intuitive swiping, zooming and scrolling gestures. Widescreen Automation Panels with projected capacitive touch screens are available in sizes ranging from 15.6" to 24" with either HD Ready or Full HD resolution.

    While their predecessors were connected to a remote industrial PC, today's decentralized control architectures increasingly demand panels with onboard intelligence – in the form of integrated PC components. The Automation Panel 5000 can be set up as a remote terminal or an integrated Panel PC. This involves equipping it with either a PC unit or a receiver for B&R's high-performance digital display technology, Smart Display Link (SDL/SDL3). Either way, the operator panel itself is identical.

    Maximum convenience

    Touch screens open up new forms of user interaction, yet mechanical controls continue to be preferred for certain operations. That's why B&R offers its Automation Panel 5000 with optional push buttons, selector switches and key switches. An E-stop button can also be installed on the swing arm device, where it is always within the operator's reach.


    • Widescreen formats from 15.6" HD to 24" Full HD
    • Projected capacitive multi-touch
    • Connections for DVI, SDL and SDL3
    • High-quality, scratch-resistant housing without dirt-collecting edges
    • Optionally available with handles
    • Glove operation possible
    • Flexible installation on top or bottom

    Easy customization

    To adapt optimally to the needs of each machine, keys and switches can be individually customized. The list of possible adaptations endless, including virtually any arrangement of standard keys, illuminated ring keys and push buttons in various colors. Custom HMI devices are generally delivered fully assembled. A custom keypad module is also available.

    Easy operation

    Swing arm devices are available either with a touch screen or with additional control elements. Two-hand gestures can be used to prevent the inadvertent triggering of critical operations. Analog resistive single-touch variants round out the product spectrum. Buttons, selector switches, key switches and an integrated E-stop button provide exceptional user comfort.

    Simple cabling

    Cables are installed through the swing arm system and connected to an easily accessible area with IP65 protection, which makes it possible to use inexpensive standard cables. The installed panel is wired directly on the swing arm. Setting up the device is done in the same modular way as mounted devices. Customers who opt for Smart Display Link 3, the latest generation of B&R display transmission technology, benefit from slim RJ45 connectors, which are perfect for the restricted space available in swing arms.

    Flexible mounting

    B&R Automation Panels support both pendant and pedestal mounting. The panels are designed to allow easy access to all operating elements and cables. This is done by removing the entire back cover, which – like panel itself – offers IP65 protection.

    Side grips can be installed so that the user can easily move the panel into the optimal position. As an alternative to the swing arm system, the Automation Panel 5000 can also be installed on a VESA monitor mount.

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