Energy Analytics

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    Energy Analytics as a cloud-based service

    Save energy costs

    Outsource your energy data management as a service and benefit from regular analyses performed by our energy experts. Evaluations show that this service makes it possible to easily achieve savings potential of as much as 5 percent. 

    Energy data management

    Your added value through professional service

    As an energy manager or production manager, you are directly responsible for the energy costs and the consumption of resources in your production. You also need to take into account the legal provisions that require the reduction of CO2 emissions as well as compliance with environmentally relevant standards.  Energy Analytics, the cloud-based energy data management service, helps you achieve these goals. 

    How the value of your data is enhanced

    Energy Analytics as a cloud-based energy data management service functions as follows: We will start out by installing a metering system in the production area of your facility that will record all the important energy data. This includes consumption data such as power, water, and gas. This information is collected in an Energy app and transmitted via a secure data connection to one of our service centers, where our experts analyze the data. Afterwards we send you detailed reports and intelligent analyses via your personalized web portal. Simple, clear, and individually prepared. Depending on the scope of the order, in addition to the automated reports you will receive individual analyses from our experts that will pave the way for cost savings (such as purchasing optimization analyses, machine level analyses, and analyses of non-production times). Regular and informative reports tailored to match your specific needs will deliver precisely the information that you need to reduce your costs (e.g. 15-minute load profile analyses, ISO-50001 energy reports, and reports about meaningful key energy figures). Technical optimization measures can be planned in Energy Analytics and tracked in Energy Analytics App.

    Energy data management system made to measure

    The basic package includes standardized dashboards, automated reports, quick charts, and comprises 20 data tags that are attached to relevant measuring points in your production. This package makes your energy data transparent and reveals initial savings potential. Depending on the scope of your production and possible potential, additional data tags can be added to expand the functional scope of your Energy Analytics portal (10, 50, or 100 data tags). In addition, you can choose between three added value modules as part of your energy management system that you can order individually or in a package. These include energy efficiency analyses, dashboards/ customized reports, and weather normalization.

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