B&R Compact I/O System

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    Space-saving peripheral connections

    Compact design and flexible networking for distributed I/O connections in the control cabinet. Signals ranging from simple digital inputs to complex SSI encoders can be handled for any application using custom components.

    Remote connection of peripherals

    The space-saving Compact I/O system modules reduce wiring of sensors and actuators. Discrete I/O signals are bundled on the modules and transferred to the controller via a fieldbus connection. This system is ideally suited for use in standard IP20 operating environments.

    Flexibility for sensors and actuators

    Compact I/O system modules already include signal adaptation for various purposes. In addition to classic digital signals, there are also modules that can handle rotational encoder evaluation, gate measurement, event counters or pulse width signals. Analog modules are also supplemented with temperature inputs, strain gauge evaluation or resistance measurement. The compact I/O system always provides the right I/O combination for each application.

    Wide-ranging communication possibilities

    Compact I/O system modules are equipped with CAN I/O or X2X Link interfaces. All I/O signals are bundled and sent to the higher level controller using this channel. This expands the I/O backplane in the field. The Compact I/O system can be combined with all B&R controller families and other components as desired. This allows a customized and cost-effective automation architecture to be created for each application.

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