JUMO digiLine Ci ST10 (202760)

JUMO digiLine Ci ST10
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JUMO digiLine Ci ST10 – Transmitter for Separate Inductive Conductivity Sensor (202760)



  • Sensor connection via M12 screw plug connection
  • Bus-compatible JUMO digiLine or IO-Link interface
  • JUMO digiLine interface downward compatible to Modbus RTU
  • Integrated temperature compensation (automatically with Pt100, PT1000, or manual value specification)
  • Calibration possible on the transmitter or via PC in a laboratory (relative cell constant; temperature coefficient)
  • Storage of calibration data and calibration logbook in the JUMO digiLine electronic components
  • Recording of extreme process values (drag indicator function, number and duration of limit value exceedances)
  • Alarms and limit value monitoring programmable
  • With digital parameterization interface (JUMO DSM)
  • Device version with or without display
  • Housing of the electronic components completely made of plastic
  • Mounting plate included
  • Concentration measurement integrated
  • Display in µS/cm, mS/cm, wt.%, or customer-specific


Customer benefits


  • Fail-safe digital data transfer for optimal process monitoring
  • Modular system: for individual measuring points as well as for setting up sensor networks
  • Plug and Play function when connecting to transmitters from the JUMO AQUIS touch series. This facilitates the startup, replacement of sensors, or the brief exchange of sensors for calibration purposes
  • Also suitable for use with the JUMO mTRON T automation system
  • JUMO digiLine electronic components can continue to be used even when the sensor becomes worn
  • Easy and secure calibration in the lab
  • PC software JUMO DSM (Digital Sensor Management) for configuration, parameterization, calibration, and documentation
  • Universal mounting plate enables wall mounting, pipe mounting, and DIN-rail mounting




Depend on sensor characteristics or material (PP, PVDF, or PEEK)

  • General water technology
  • Mineral springs, drinking water (ACS approval)
  • Air conditioning and cooling systems
  • Dilution monitoring in cooling towers
  • Car washes
  • Desalination of seawater (inflow)
  • Swimming pool water control
  • Dairies, breweries (use of FDA listed materials)
  • Soft drink production and filling
  • Production of liquid foods
  • CIP and SIP plants
  • Rinsing and cleaning processes
  • Concentration measurements (intensification) of acids, lyes, and cleaning chemicals
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