JUMO digiLine (202705)

JUMO digiLine pH/ORP/T (202705)
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JUMO DigiLine - Intelligent Electronics with Digital Interface or Analog Output for pH/ORP/T (202705)



  • Can be screwed on analog sensors with plug head N (S7/S8) or VP multipole connection (Variopin) so that it is compatible to most analog sensors on the market
  • Bus-compatible JUMO digiLine interface or analog output 4 to 20 mA (with digital parameterization interface)
  • Integrated temperature compensation (automatically with Pt1000 or manual value specification)
  • Calibration of transmitter; also possible via PC in a laboratory (1/2/3 point)
  • Storage of calibration data and calibration logbook in JUMO digiLine electronics
  • Recording of extreme process values (drag indicator function, number/duration of limit value exceedances)
  • Alarms and limit value monitoring programmable
  • Digital input for HOLD (for variant with analog output)
  • JUMO digiLine interface downward compatible to Modbus RTU
  • PC software JUMO DSM (Digital Sensor Management) for configuration, parameterization, calibration, and documentation
  • Easy exchange of the sensor (pH/ORP/T), further utilization of the electronics


Customer benefits


The advantages of electrodes with combined JUMO digiLine electronics

  • Fail-safe digital data transfer for optimal process monitoring
  • Modular system: for single measuring points and for establishing electrode networks
  • Plug and Play function when connected to transmitters from the JUMO AQUIS touch series. This facilitates the replacement of electrodes or the brief exchange of electrodes for calibration purposes.
  • Also suitable for use with the JUMO mTRON T automation system
  • Version with 4 to 20 mA output for integration into existing systems
  • JUMO digiLine electronics can continue to be used even when the electrode becomes worn
  • Easy and secure calibration in the lab




  • Municipal and industrial water treatment in wastewater treatment plants
  • Process systems
  • Drinking and pool water monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical water
  • Food and beverage production (SIP/CIP plants)
  • Gas scrubbers/air washers
  • Cooling tower control
  • Ion exchangers
  • RO units (reverse osmosis)
  • Power stations and energy plants
  • Fish breeding
  • Desalination of seawater
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