Magnetic field sensor 4FR1-6

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    Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of 4FR1-6

    General specifications
    Switching function Normally open (NO)
    Output type Reed Contact
    Rated operating distance 12.7 mm
    Installation non-flush
    Mechanical life 5 x 107 switching cycles
    Nominal ratings
    Switching frequency 100 Hz
    Repeat accuracy ≤ 0.13 mm
    No-load supply current ≤ 50 mA
    Reed bounce time max. 0.5 ms
    Electrical specifications
    Electrical rating AC supply: 15 VA, 500 mA, 280 V RMS 
    DC supply: 15 W, 500 mA, 400 V DC
    Ambient conditions
    Ambient temperature -20 ... 83 °C (-4 ... 181.4 °F)
    Mechanical specifications
    Connection type cable PVC , 1.83 m
    Core cross-section 1.5 mm2
    Housing material aluminum
    Sensing face aluminum
    Housing diameter  
    Degree of protection IP68
    Note Full sensing range available for low carbon steel 25.4 x 76.2 x 6.35mm
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