Netzsch NEMO® Beverage Pumps

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    The multipurpose solution

    Mobile NEMO® Beverage Pumps


    Wide Range of Applications

    The pumps are specifically used for products with the following characteristics:

    • Low to high viscosity
    • Shear-sensitive
    • High solids content (such as fruit pulp and stone fruit)
    • Free of solids

    The strength of the mobile NEMO® beverage pump is the universal use in wine-growing, wine production, sweet must production, breweries, distilleries and in beverage and juice production.



    • Large Range of Capacities and Pressures from 500 up to 32,000 l/h
    • Differential pressure up 4 (6) bar

    Product Range Overview

    NEMO® beverage pump NM021

    • Portable version
    • Capacities from 600 up to 3,200 l/h
    • Frequency 1.1 kW
    • Connections DN32

    NEMO® beverage pump NM031

    • Mobile version
    • Capacities from 1,500 up to 9,000 l/h
    • Frequency 3.0 kW
    • Connections DN50

    NEMO® beverage pump NM041

    • Mobile version
    • Capacities from 3,000 up to 15,000 l/h
    • Frequency 4.0 kW
    • Connections DN65

    NEMO® beverage pump NM051

    • Mobile version
    • Capacities from 10,000 up to 32,000 l/h
    • Frequency 5.5 kW
    • Connections DN80


    • Friendly and reliable support from low pump speeds
    • Stepless capacity regulation by integrated in the drive
    • Speed control via frequency converter
    • Portable and mobile design ensures mobility
    • Variables, modular building block system
    • Parts in contact with product entirely in CrNiMo steel
    • Stator with FDA food registration
    • Connections according to DIN 11851, as well as other regional
    • Connections available
    • High suction capacity
    • Easy to service
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