Balluff Heartbeat® power supply units

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    • 24 V, single phase
    • 60, 120, 240 and 480 W
    • Short-circuit proof with PowerBoost 150 %
    • Regulatable output voltage
    • Especially low residual ripple on the output voltage
    • Supports preventive maintenance and condition-based maintenance (Industry 4.0)

    Our short-circuit-proof, single-phase, extra narrow power supplies are approved according to CE/TÜV. The power supplies support predictive servicing for the purpose of Industry 4.0: the IO-Link interface allows the integration of all parameters into the overarching system diagnostics. Features: top-hat rail assembly, regulatable output voltage of 24 V, output power 60 to 480 W, IP20, HEARTBEAT® - status display.

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