Siemens SIPROCESS GA700 Ex d Field Device

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In addition to its flexible modular range, the innovative SIPROCESS GA700 series now also includes a new housing type: the Ex d field device with flameproof enclosure. It comprises a base unit, made up of an Ex d housing with fitted Ex e connection housing, as well as the connected Ex d field module.

The combination of both ignition protection classes in the field base unit, offers three main advantages:

  • Easy modification and commissioning of the analyzer using connecting terminals in the Ex e housing

  • High availability, as in general there is no need to open the Ex d housing on site

  • Less maintenance work due to quick exchange of connection components

The field module with flameproof enclosure comprises an OXYMAT analyzer module with an expanded temperature range of up to 60 °C and an IP 65 protection class, enabling operation even in harsh conditions. The uniform operating concept of the SIPROCESS GA700 simplifies operation, and the physically separated installation of the field base unit and the field module offers additional flexibility.
Gas analysis with the SIPROCESS GA700: highly accessible servicing and a uniform operating concept.

Gas analysis has never been easier!

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