Siemens SIPLUS Drive-Based Motion Control

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The scalable, modular, high-performance system excels in any situation where motion control plays a role. It makes no difference whether you want to implement a central or a distributed machine concept, or a PC-, controller- or drive-based solution. In any case, you can be sure to benefit from a high degree of flexibility, convenient engineering and swift commissioning.

The drive-based motion control system sets itself apart as it is a complete system comprising open-loop control and drive. This makes the machine significantly more compact with an especially fast response. With our SIMOTION D axis control, the SIMOTION functionality is directly integrated in the control module over the SINAMICS S 120 drive system. 
The SIPLUS Motion Control is resistent agains biologically and chemically active substances (3B2, 3C4) including salt mist.

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