PILZ light curtains PSENopt II - second generation

Light grid PSENopt II - second generation
Safety light curtain features
Light grid PSENopt II Areas of application
Integrated coding on all PSENopt II light curtains
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    The robust safety light curtain

    The second generation of light curtains, PSENopt II, provide safe access to the production process and provide finger, hand and body protection, depending on the requirement. The first Type 3 safety light curtains are specifically designed for applications up to PL d of EN/IEC 61496-1. Type 4 light curtains are also available for applications up to PL e in accordance with EN/IEC 61496-1/-2.

    As the units are so robust, PSENopt II sensors provide protection against shock, collision and vibration and so are suitable for use in rugged industrial environments. The operator can evaluate the essential causes and system defects responsible for the machine stop by means of the LEDs. Downtimes are reduced as a result.

    The safety light curtains are available in lengths from 150 mm to 1800 mm. In combination with the configurable control system PNOZmulti 2 you obtain a safe complete solution from one source. Compatible accessories range from installation assistance through to mirror columns.

    Safety light curtain for finger, hand and body protection – the benefits

    • Highly robust for protection against shock, collision and vibration
    • User-friendly diagnostics via LEDs to reduce downtimes
    • Fast, simple assembly, installation and commissioning
    • Coding for greater flexibility when installing the light curtain sensors
    • Securing several sides of a hazardous area with PSENopt II mirror columns
    • Adjustable base unit offers additional protection against strong mechanical impact and enables an adjustment of the mirror column in uneven conditions
    • One-stop shop: Complete economical solution with configurable control systems PNOZmulti 2, plus a wide range of accessories


    Sicherheitslichtgitter Merkmale

    • konform und zugelassen nach EN/IEC 61508 und EN/IEC 61496-1 (Typ 3) bzw. EN/IEC 61496-1/-2 (Typ 4)
    • einsetzbar in Anwendungen bis PL d / PL e nach EN ISO 13849-1 und SIL CL 2/ SIL CL 3 nach EN/IEC 62061
    • Sicherheit für Finger-, Hand- und Körperschutz
    • Längen von 150 mm bis 1800 mm
    • Robustheit von 50 g
    • Totzonenfreiheit
    • Integrierte Codierung
    • Komplettlösung mit PDP67 (stecker- und anschlusskompatibel), PNOZmulti 2, PNOZ X2.8P, PNOZ s3

    Safety light curtain features

    • Compliant and approved in accordance with EN/IEC 61508 and EN/IEC 61496-1 (Type 3) or EN/IEC 61496-1/-2 (Type 4)
    • Can be used for applications up to PL d / PL e in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL CL 2/ SIL CL 3 in accordance with EN/IEC 62061
    • Safety for finger, hand and body protection
    • Lengths of 150 mm to 1800 mm
    • Robustness of 50 g
    • Absence of dead zones
    • Integrated coding
    • Complete solution with PDP67 (plug and pin compatible), PNOZmulti, PNOZx.2 8p, PNOZs3

    Light curtains PSENopt II application areas

    Protect your workers and your capital goods with the safety light curtains PSENopt II! The light curtains protect the danger zones with an invisible protected field of infrared beams. If the infrared light beam is interrupted, a safe shutdown command is issued immediately.

    Light curtains PSENopt II are suitable in industry particularly for manual workstations, access guarding, inserting/removing materials or materials handling next to robots.
    Learn more about the diverse application ranges of safety light curtains!

    PSENopt II mirror column for securing hazardous areas from several sides

    Combine your light curtains with our new PSENopt II mirror columns to secure a danger zone from several sides. Monitor up to three access sides with just one pair of light curtains and two mirror columns! You save wiring work, space and money. The mirror columns consist of a post protector and an integrated mirror. They can be used with all our light curtain sensors PSENopt and PSENopt II.
    The PSENopt II adjustable base unit is an optional accessory offering additional protection against strong mechanical impact. It is also ideal for installing the mirror columns on uneven surfaces.

    Integrated coding available on all PSENopt II light curtains

    Starting now the physical arrangement of your safety light curtains knows no limits. Thanks to the coding, the light curtain sensors no longer interfere with one another, even with close physical proximity. This is particularly true if the transmitter of the first pair of light curtains emits beams in the direction of the receiver of the second pair of light curtains. In this case, simply configure the pairs of light curtains with different beam codes! The following is available: "Code A", "Code B" and "not coded". The coding is integrated into all PSENopt II light curtains.

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