PILZ Safe rope pull switch PSENrope

Sicherer Seilzugschalter PSENrope
Sicherer Seilzugschalter PSENrope
Sicherer Seilzugschalter PSENrope
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    Non-stop safety

    Whether on the assembly line or machine: where safety in the production area is concerned, the safe rope pull switches PSENrope are a proven, reliable solution. PSENrope devices switch off functional processes via manual action. PSENrope provide maximum safety when it matters: the E-STOP function can be triggered at any point along the rope.

    Simple and convenient safety solution

    • Simple installation and convenient management
    • Flexible to use even when protecting large systems
    • Extremely rugged thanks to robust finish and strong metal or plastic housing
    • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
    • High level of safety because wiring space physically separated from mechanics
    • Cost-effective thanks to the combination of emergency stop and pull-to-release

    Features of the rope pull switch

    • Designed for applications up to: PL e of EN ISO 13849-1, SIL CL 3 of EN/IEC 62061
    • Integrated E-STOP pushbutton
    • Contacts: 2NC, 2 NO
    • Protection type: IP67
    • Ambient temperature: PSEN rs1.0: -30 … + 80°C, PSEN rs2.0: -25 … + 70°C

    Durable – even under extreme conditions

    The safe rope pull switches PSENrope are robust and flexible, making them a proven, reliable solution where safety in the production area is concerned. As the operating range of rope pull switches is limited only by the length of the rope, even large plants can be safeguarded using PSENrope.

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