Pepperl+Fuchs thru-beam sensor OBE10M-R103-S2EP-IO-V31

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    Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of OBE10M-R103-S2EP-IO-V31

    Product Description
    Thru-beam sensor SET
    System components
    Emitter OBE10M-R103-S-IO-V31
    Receiver OBE10M-R103-2EP-IO-V31
    General specifications
    Effective detection range 0 ... 10 m
    Threshold detection range 12.5 m
    Light source LED
    Light type modulated visible red light
    LED risk group labelling exempt group
    Diameter of the light spot approx. 65 mm at a distance of 1 m
    Angle of divergence 3.7 °
    Functional safety related parameters
    MTTFd 462 a
    Mission Time (TM) 20 a
    Diagnostic Coverage (DC) 0 %
    Indicators/operating means
    Function indicator Yellow LED:
    Permanently lit - light path clear
    Permanently off - object detected
    Flashing (4 Hz) - insufficient operating reserve
    Control elements Receiver: light/dark switch
    Electrical specifications
    Operating voltage 10 ... 30 V DC
    Interface type IO-Link ( via C/Q = pin 4 )
    IO-Link Revision 1.1
    Min. cycle time 2.3 ms
    Process data witdh Emitter:
    Process data output: 2 Bit
    Process data input: 2 Bit
    Process data output: 2 Bit
    Compatible master port type A
    Switching type The switching type of the sensor is adjustable. The default setting is: 
    C/Q - Pin4: NPN normally open / dark-on, PNP normally closed / light-on, IO-Link 
    /Q - Pin2: NPN normally closed / light-on, PNP normally open / dark-on
    Signal output 2 push-pull (4 in 1)outputs, short-circuit protected, reverse polarity protected, overvoltage protected
    Usage category DC-12 and DC-13
    Compliance with standards and directives
    Directive conformity  
      EMC Directive 2004/108/EC EN 60947-5-2:2007+A1:2012
    Standard conformity  
      Product standard EN 60947-5-2:2007+A1:2012 
    IEC 60947-5-2:2007 + A1:2012
    Mechanical specifications
    Housing width 15 mm
    Housing height 43.9 mm
    Housing depth 26.7 mm
    Degree of protection IP67 / IP69 / IP69K
    Connection M8 x 1 connector, 4-pin
      Housing PC (Polycarbonate)
      Optical face PMMA
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